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Sacramental Information for 2020/21

First Communion for Current Year Grade 3’s

It was regrettable that we were forced to cancel First Communion celebrations in the spring due to COVID-19 restrictions, but we are happy to be able to offer the celebrations this fall!  The information you need to know can be found in the letter and video listed below:

First Reconciliation/Communion for Current Year Grade 2’s

More information will be coming soon.  We plan to schedule our 1st Reconciliations for November, and our First Communions for April/May of 2021.

Sacrament of Confirmation for Current Year Grade 7’s

More information will be coming soon.  We plan to schedule Confirmations for February/March of 2021.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.  Why are we not scheduling celebrations by classes and schools?

A.  Since our capacity is limited due to pandemic restrictions, we are only able to accommodate 15 children at a time, and are simply not able accommodate full classes at the same time.  Things are also complicated by the fact that many of last year’s grade 2’s are probably now in different grade 3 classes, or are learning online.  This is why we have decided on the first come, first served registration system.


Q.  Is the 8 guest maximum carved in stone?  

A.  Yes.  Due to capacity restrictions, there will be no exceptions.

Q. Will there be reserved seating?

A.  Yes.  Each family will have a reserved pew for guests living in the same household.  Guests not living in the same household will find a seat among the non-reserved pews, properly observing 6ft of social distance.

Q.  Will there be time for pictures after the celebration?

A.  Unfortunately you will be asked to leave the church following Mass without an opportunity to take pictures.  Pandemic restrictions for churches clearly state that there is to be no lingering after the Mass, but that everyone must leave the church.



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