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Sacramental Information for 2020/21

First Reconciliation/Communion for Current Year Grade 2’s

Registration for our current year Grade 2s is now open!  No dates have yet been set to celebrate the sacraments.  We until the period of lockdown has ended before making further plans for celebration of the sacraments.

LETTER: To Parents of Current Year Grade 2’s

VIDEO: Information for Parents on Preparation for the Sacraments

REGISTRATION: of your Grade 2 Child for the Sacraments (click here)


Sacrament of Confirmation for our Grade 7’s

Registration for our Grade 7s now open!  Dates for the celebration of the sacraments have not yet been set.  We will do so once this current time of lockdown has ended.

LETTER: To Parents of our Grade 7’s

REGISTRATION: of your Grade 7 Child for Confirmation (click here)





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